Event and Dates…

No certainly not am not google or a 5th class kid telling you what is an event and a date. This is something different than all the definition you have read or heard so far. But let me begin with the dictionary meaning of it.

Date – The specified day of the month

Event – A special set of circumstances.

But those were just the dictionary meanings of those words which were loud and clear and so I don’t need to explain that but what about their actual meaning which no one talks about or tells you about?

Emm? Confused? Stunned? Bewildered?

Well you should be and I promise you will be after you read this blog completely. Because I am going to tell you the real meaning of those two words and guess what its beyond your wildest dreams.

How about we start with the basics first? So here it begins we all know that there is a specific date everyday, right? And whenever something happens which is not installed into our brain as our routine we term that day or time as an event? Don’t we?

Suppose today would be any x date but if you had to attend any family function or any other function you just term it as an event.

But that’s where the whole human race is going wrong because the actual event is the day or the time when you actually enjoyed that part , let it be for any reason or so,

It might just meeting or talking to an old friend after a long time or just getting an extra hour with your family or parents for just talking to them.

There could endless examples to this and so it can never end but to explain it to you in short and sweet, I would say that the time or day whichever you felt in your life that you invested well or used well is an event and all the other days in your calendars are just a bunch of dates which are going to torture you the whole year!

Sandeep Maheswari has well stated,

” All those days where you live your life to the fullest is an event and all the others are just dates in your calendars”

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There’s a difference between playing to win and playing not to lose….

Maximum people in this world are unhappy not because they are suffering from poverty or a health issues, but it’s their fear of failure that robs them of their excitement of winning.

So what did I mean when I said that,

“There’s a difference between people who play to win and those who play not to lose.”?

Well that is exactly defined by two people who get a bronze medal and a silver medal in any competition.

You’ll generally see that the person who has won the bronze medal is happier than the person winning the silver medal, it’s because the one with the bronze was playing to win and the one who won the silver was playing not to lose, the former knows what would have happened if he had failed however that Wasn’t the case with the silver medalist.

Maximum people lose in the stock market because they enter it with the mindset of not losing rather than winning, that is what happens when we are competing against someone and we know that they are really good at it.

There are two well known quotes for it,

“After Preparing for Success, Expect It.”

“If you believe you will fail, there is no hope for you. You will.”

The people who are playing with the mindset of not losing, lose the most amount of things. And if you are competing to learn then you cannot lose ever!

That doesn’t imply that I m telling you to stop trying to win or not come first because winning is what counts in the game, coming in second is like kissing your sister!

To sum it up I would say just give it your best shot in whatever you might be pursuing but don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work coz it takes a hell lot years to reach what people know as overnight success!!!

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Be KIND, that’s what the world needs at the moment.

I’d like to begin my blog with one of the saying which I have already stated in one of my previous blogs and that is,


Being kind doesn’t always mean you have to do a big donation to anyone needy but actually the opposite. Being kind doesn’t actually cost money.

Bring a smile to a person who has been going through a rough day, and it might just make up their whole day, and that surely doesn’t cost unless you do want to spend.

Start just by doing small things which you think doesn’t make much a difference like saying thank you to everyone who has done smallest of the small thing for you. Especially your parents even if you think you don’t need to thank your mother for the meal she made today! Even that one thank you can make her whole day!!!

Start by making your own bed and on weekends when you get time, do your own laundry and clean the vessels and it certainly will make her day even more than you think it will. I swear she’ll be all over you for doing such small works! And there’s another hidden upside and that is you’ll always get her on your side when there’s a fight between the siblings .😂

Why do we think that to make someone’s day we need to do something really big like planning a party. You can just send them a small ‘THANK YOU’ card and they’d still feel so very important.


Whenever you meet someone or pass someone on the way greet them with smile and if they are having a bad day, you might actually make them forget their worries for at least next five minutes.

You might have also heard,

‘A smile is a curve that sets everything else straight.’

Even if making someone else’s day isn’t one of your priorities, when you smile or laugh, it’ll make your day too and will be better able to handle problems. And even if you had a rough day but you had been kind to someone in the day, you’ll still sleep better and so it’s definitely worth it!

Mark Twain has well said,

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

I believe a little thought and a little kindness are often worth more than a great deal of money.

People believe in various religions and gods, but I have just this simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.

Now to end it on a good note, I would just say,

Beginning today, treat everyone you meet as if they were going to be dead by midnight. Extend to them all the care, kindness and understanding you can muster, and do it with no thought of any reward. Your life will never be the same again.

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How isn’t important! Why is!

“How” isn’t important isn’t what many people are going to agree on to. But to be brutally honest here it’s one of the very core truths of life.

Well let’s take up an example of you being given a very very difficult but yet possible task to do that too in a limited time. At the very first moment it definitely seems next to impossible, but when you would be having a strong enough reason to do it, you’ll surely score!

That’s the solution to every difficulty problem in your life right now. That’s the secret of scoring high in a test by studying just a night before the test. That’s the real smart way to work through.

You don’t need to make any high profile plans for passing a test with flying grades, what you need is just that little push of creating a “WHY” so strong that no matter how many times you fall down, you’ll get up every single time.

This is the exact same reason as to why 9 out of every 10 businesses fail within 5 years of their foundation.

Coming back to the topic, people usually find an excuse saying,

‘I really wanna do that but I can’t figure out a way to.’ Well my dear stop fooling each and everyone around you and even if not that at least stop fooling your own self into thinking that you really want to do that, because if you really wanted to, you would have figured out a way.

That’s where the old saying which is quite common comes to be true and that is, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Well there’s a short story I would like to tell you about and that goes as,

Once in SOCRATES times, as he was a very wise and knowledgeable person, someone went to him and asked “What can I do to get successful?”

He replied come next day to the river and I’ll give you the answer.

He went there next day and Socrates was standing there in middle of the river talking to another person and waiting for him to come.

He went to him(Socrates), and asked for his answer,

To this Socrates put that person’s head under the water and held him there for quite some time, and that man was struggling to breathe.

As soon as he was in a position to talk he asked Socrates in angry tone as to why he did that, when he had just asked for an answer to his question. To this Socrates replied,

‘This was the answer to your question.’

The man stunned by his answer and decided to leave angrily and that very moment Socrates again spoke and what he said changed that person’s life forever and it has changed every person’s life including mine who has heard it.

And those words were,

“When you were under the water, the only thing you wanted or craved for was oxygen to breathe and nothing else and the effort you made there was fantastic, but the only way to be successful is to want that thing more than you craved oxygen under that water and if you are able to do that, nobody not even God can stop you from getting what you want.”

That is exactly the reason I wrote the title as,

“How” isn’t important, “Why” is!!!

Because once you have figured out for yourself a ‘WHY’, you wouldn’t have to find anything else, not even the energy to put in extra efforts, it’ll come out on its own, the persistence that was needed to make any other company or human successful in this world, would be yours automatically, only if you get a strong enough “WHY”.

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Sounds quite the same doesn’t it?

Well in today’s world it has become exactly opposite to each other.

Human beings and animals can be now termed as synonyms instead.

Sounds rude doesn’t it?

Well it is truly said,

“There’s nothing more bitter in this world than hard core truth.”

There’s actually no difference left between human being and animals.

Like the animals only specifically care for their own or to utmost their families, to all the others’ they turn a blind eye, and even more they are ready to eat or kill them, which is exactly the same scenario for the humans now-a-days.

Human being has become so selfish in its core nature that it can even think about what is right or wrong without thinking, what it is in for them?

Someone has well stated,

“We have taught manners and etiquettes to animals and now we have to teach humanity to humans!”

And that is the biggest reason which makes the difference between BEING HUMAN and HUMAN BEING.

Half of the humans keep pets for recovering from their own loneliness and not because they care about the animals. In that sense even the animals are better than humans. They at least stay loyal to their masters, which now-a-days is the rarest quality to find in humans.

Being human is the habit of doing good for others in whatever condition we are in whatever way possible without thinking about our own selves or what good is it in for them?

Doing good doesn’t just mean doing it for the other person just when he is watching you, but actually other way around. Don’t try and show off your good deeds instead try and keep it to yourself and that will make you more happy!!! So my advice be kind to people and help people, without expecting anything in return.

And that’s the reason it is well stated that,

“If you expect in return for being a good person you are not a good person.”

And so to end it on a good note, just a simple request to everyone reading it, “In the world of fame where you can be anything, be kind.”

So that’s it I hope you guys have understood the difference and I hope we all try and be BEING HUMAN rather than HUMAN BEING. Only then we can save this Earth for our future generations.

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A happy life…

Sounds like a dream doesn't it?
Well to the majority of the population on Earth it is yet.
And they seem to not find any solution to get it, do they?

Well to be honest here it's really easy and can be achieved by ten simple principles. Which are as follows:
1. Stop putting your happiness in someone else's hands.

2. Stop expecting too much from anyone.

3. Learn to understand the difference between self-respect and ego.

4. Mind your own business

5. Be grateful about everything.

6. Stop comparing with others.

7. Don't ever go to sleep angry.

8. Everything happens for a good reason.

9. The golden rule in use.

10. It's all a matter of perceptions.

First and second points are way interrelated so I'll explain them together.
We humans always keep our happiness in everything except in our own hands, we either keep it any of the materialistic things or into the hands of any other human being. For example, We keep saying if I get an iPhone I'll be really happy or if that person gets into that college I'll be really happy.
See any problem here?
Yes it's our expectations is what hurts when they are not reached instead why don't we start saying I'll do my best or whatever is possible from my side and rather not worry about the outcomes and then there would be a 90% chance you'll not be sad even if you don't get that specific thing.

Ego, isn't it just a small three lettered word which shouldn't have much impact on our lives? But guess what it is completely opposite, that small three letter word has divided families and all the other close people far apart. And the reason being ego takes everything too much personally.
It's good to keep self respect and it is important but it's better to learn the difference between self respect and ego. That is what now a days games are all about, they care for winning because it satisfies their ego, it's not their win but rather the other person's loss that makes the person happy.
I mean why don't people understand that nobody in the world has ever shown himself how big he is by showing how small someone else is. Don't you agree?
And trust me when I say that saying sorry first doesn't bring you down and rather does the opposite and it also creates a kind of guilty feeling in the one who didn't say it first, but either ways the one who says it first wins.

Fourth point should had rather begun with,
"Everybody's business is nobody's business."
That is true whether it's actual business part we are talking about or about any specific situation related to human lives.
Trust me when I say that our lives would be way less stressful if we just kept apart from talking about other people's problems or their lives in whatever condition it might be. Every human already his own set of problems to deal and the why not use that time instead to sort out our own problems?
Seems a better alternative and with a way better result doesn't it?

Fifth point should had been the first point actually because in this case, if that is achieved fifty percent of your job is done.
Now people find a clause that I don't have that specific materialistic thing or that specific person in my life then how can I be grateful?
Well this might seem a coldblooded answer but it is true, you should be grateful that you wake up this morning and you are still breathing because many unfortunate people in the world didn't even have that privilege. That's just the beginning of the things you should be grateful for and if I start listing all the things, then it would take forever with whatever you are having right now, no matter how unfortunate or critical situation you are in. A best habit to instil in yourself is to write down three things every night about what you are grateful for, which I myself follow very strictly om a personal level. And it does create wonders in ways which you can't even think.

Comparing has become a part of human nature because it has been instilled into your upbringing since day one. But the problem is not comparing itself, it's what you make out of it that makes your situation worse, there's not a single person in world who can deny the fact that comparing with yourself will be a liability for you. The problem is we don't compare ourselves with our previous self and rather look out in the world and compete with the best or whatever is there front of us. You'd still get better if you compare to yourself and guess what's the best part about it ? You can't lose in that no matter what, because if you lose you are still winning and if you won you did obviously win, right?😁

How many of you have the problem of not getting asleep easily or not getting a peaceful sleep at night? Many do. And that's a fact and nobody can deny that. The problem which arises when you go to sleep angry due whatever might be the reason, first you already know, you'll not be able to all asleep easily and it affects only one person an that's you. Then the next problem is whenever you fall asleep angry is that you overburden your brain, which in turn leads to a awful morning and next you know is that it even gets worse by going to work angry, and because of all those small factors you'll affect your productivity and efficiency at work, which will frustrate you even more.
So a simple rule to follow which should also be instilled as a habit is that of not going to sleep angry no matter how angry you might be or whatever might be the scenario in your case and that'll really help.

Everything happens for a good reason, there are plenty of examples out there to prove this principle right but first let me clarify for what it stands for, because it has more of a negative acceptance than positive. First of all it's no where related to any person dying or any other such stuff and it should not be perceived in that sense, so just use some of your conscience and don't try and apply it in every single thing going around you. The best example which I can give right now to this is what happened with me while I was writing this blog, I actually finished writing this blog on Tuesday itself and was ready to post it today but what happened was that I accidentally deleted that whole content permanently and there wasn't even slight chance of recovering it back and what hurt me the most was that I has spent a whole of two hours writing it and now I had nothing. Absolutely nothing except the title still standing. However after a few minutes I recovered and consolidated myself with the same principle I state in front of you and guess what was that good reason as to why it happened because I wrote even a better one the very next day with loads of more content and it just took me half an hour to do that. And I wrote this example so that you can relate to it very easily. Try and think of this kind of situation in every person's life, alive or dead it has its presence. And so just believe that, "Every adversity brings with itself and equivalent seed of advantage."

Which the golden rule which is in use and which no supreme court in the world can put a stop to?
No idea?
It's the rule that states,
"We do to or for another
We do to or for ourselves."
It can somewhat be perceived as for one to be successful others do not have to fail, or for an employer to win at business needs to win his employees first and the day he starts doing everything good for the employees the returns on this business would amplify and get better. Still just a small example which was quite infamous that is,
Mr. Ford the founder of motor company ford had been widely criticised for introducing a minimum wage of five dollars in his time which gave him everything he wanted and instead of what the competitors thought that it would put the company on the verge of bankruptcy, the results were exactly the opposite, the business bloomed even more and that wasn't just it, it gave the employer to choose his employees because every one wanted to work there.
And so we can also say that this rule merely translates to start giving before receiving which is how it is mentioned in many books by Napoleon Hill and Robert Kiyosaki. And there's a saying,
" You need not fear of competition from the person who says, I am not paid for that and I'll not do it. He will never be a dangerous competitor for your job but watch out for the who remains at his job till the work is finished and does give a little extra than he is paid for or is expected from him, for he may challenge you at the post and pass you at the grand-stand."

In the end coming to last but not the least but still one of the most important principle that is, It's always a matter of perspective. And I don't need to write much about this because it had been already mentioned in one of my previous blogs that, The garbage is present in the mind of perceiver because ragpickers perspective finds bread in that too.

There goes all the principles which if followed correctly would surely lead to happiness and prosperity and there's another saying which I would like to state,
"Until you have learned to be tolerant with those who do not always agree with you-until you have cultivated the habit of saying some kind word of those whom you do not admire-until you have formed the habit of looking for the good instead of bad there is in others, you will be neither successful nor happy."

And just for me to end this on a note I would use the word stated by Emerson,
"Every proverb, every book, every byword that belongs to thee for aid of comfort shall surely come home through open or winding passages. Every friend whom not thy fantastic will, but the great and tender soul in thee craveth, shall lock thee in his embrace."

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To begin with, the dictionary definition that says:
“The state of being under the control of another person.”
Most of us believe that this has been abolished way back in time, to which I beg to disagree.

Confused huh?
It’s not my call to say that without any proof, but believe me when I say that researchers have found that there are more number of people in slavery today than anytime ever in the history of mankind.


Slavery doesn’t just mean being physically held by a person because it can be mental too.
Two biggest and foremost things that mankind in today’s time is slavering to is “GREED” and “FEAR”, that is well stated by some wise man, “You get hold of these two things of a person, and you own that man.”
Almost 90% of a person’s day to day activities are controlled by these two very powerful emotions. As you already know any thought or action combined with emotion which can also be referred to as energy in motion, can lead to miracles or disasters at the same time.

Just a simple example to prove my point here,
Answer these questions in your own mind and you’ll get my point very clearly and effectively,
Why is a man willing to go to office even when he completely feels against it?
The Answer should be because of ‘FEAR’ of losing his job.

Why is a man willing to increase his sales even when he is earning a decent income?
The Answer should be because of his ‘GREED’ for more money.
There can be endless examples to this one but I prefer not stating anymore of them as the above two are well understood.

One of the most saddening sights at the present moment is seeing a man doing a job that he hates, where he spends about 6 out of 7 days of his week, which we can consider no better than a person who is behind the bars, the only difference being that he has a slightly better scope of freedom of one day out of seven.
It is one of the greatest tragedies of civilization. And that is all because of his habits of falling prey to “FEAR”. After all, it’s a matter of habits and we all are creatures of habits.
We are where we are and what we are because of habits of which we have become victims, voluntarily or involuntarily.


So a better step to self-advancement would be to grow out of this two really powerful emotions and habit of slavering to it.
An unknown author has well stated about the theory of self-advancement saying,
“Isn’t it strange that princess and kings?
And clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
And common folks like you and me
Are builders of eternity?
To each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass and a book of rules
And each must make ere life has flown,
A stumbling block or a stepping stone.”

To end is the only and the most simple advice would be, to find a labor that you enjoy doing and so you won’t have to work a single day in your life and guess what you will look forward to Mondays’ rather than hating it to the bottom of your heart, because that labor wouldn’t be a burden to you at all, because you get tired not because of over-work, but from the lack of interest in what you are doing.

Thank you all so much for giving some of your precious time in reading this and for all the wonderful reviews on the previous blogs. Please, guys, do forgive me for my grammatical errors which might have occurred in any of my blogs but feel free to correct me in person in the comment section because that’s the way to improve and I promise I shall improve myself by every upcoming day and blog.